JOCKFIGHTERS a jockstrap used to be something to just hold and protect a man's assets. JOCK in late 60's took on a more butch, masculine meaning; it was all about the attitude. FIGHTERS, refers to the urban warriors who wear our gear in the daily fight of their lives.
An idea born of two friends who, experienced in fashion, enjoyed the mature and open culture they found while extensively travelling the world. They decided to give an italian touch to a concept not yet well known in Italy.
It's a concept that builds on international club and fetish culture and focuses on the rough energy of the body; it's sexy for the club, but still sporty for the street.

The first italian circuit brand on it's type to put a maximal focus on researching the best materials and fits. We reinterpret iconic clothes from the world of sport, personalizing them to meet the needs of the modern world.
We design for dynamic men who need to be confortable, need something special, and like to show where they belong and their life style...